Excellent quality acrylic and isolating paint.

The First Greek product that combines two properties, a 100% acrylic paint and an isolating. This is an excellent quality acrylic and isolating paint, which due to its special composition creates an elastic film that presents excellent adhesion on vertical exterior surfaces.

This membrane provides high waterproofing to the wall from humidity and frost and excellent resistance to high and low temperatures, the film also conforms to the contraction and expansion of the building while simultaneously bridges small cracks (max 1mm). Due to the elasticity of the formed film Monostop can conform to the contraction and expansion of the wall, without creating cracks.

Based on an innovative formula presents a film resistant to pollutants retention (crosslinking) while special additives prevent fungus and mould. It also has excellent resistance to UV radiation, which does not affect the whiteness and elasticity of the product. Available in satin and matte finish.

MonoStop Thermo

Superior (quality) acrylic elastomeric energy paint.

Energy, acrylic, elastic membrane with main characteristics solar reflectivity, reduction of humidity adsorption and reduction of thermal conductivity. The film of paint due to low tack prevents retention of air pollutants while elasticity conforms to the contraction and expansion of the building without altering. The composition of the material bridges capillary and small cracks up to one millimeter (1mm). It has excellent adhesion to any structural area and is distinguished for its resistance to alkalis. It contains specific additives that minimize the occurrence of fungi and algae on the exterior surface of the building.

Monostop Thermo is a certified cold color by the University of Athens and has a high reflectivity to solar radiation (Total Solar Reflectance) and high infrared emittance (e) contributing to energy saving in the summer while the membrane of the material ensures complete waterproofing of the wall from humidity and frost, resulting in heat leakage decrease (zero humidity content in the structural components) from the interior of the building in the winter.

MonoStop Thermo Roof

Energy - Elastomeric hybrid membrane for roof isolating.

Based on new technology, acrylic and polyurethane resins. It has excellent adhesion to prepared surfaces and comforts with their contractions and expansions. Characterized by the University of Athens as a cold material, presents high thermal reflectivity and contributes to the thermal comfort and to energy resources saving.

It contains specific additives which prevent the growth of microorganisms in the material film and maintains high strength even at standing water.