The company BERLING SA - KYRIAKOS G. KONSTANTINIDIS was founded in 1968, initially styled KYRIAKOS G. KONSTANTINIDIS & CO EE. After conversion in 1994, it has been operating in its current legal form as BERLING SA.

BERLING SA is the Greek Colour Industry, engaged in the production and sale of building, isolating, heat-insulating, industrial, decorative paints and furniture paints. We offer our products and services both through a broad nationwide network of partners and through alternative distribution channels.

Berling’s considerable experience and contribution guarantee the satisfaction of the needs of the climatic, housing and construction infrastructures of the overall ecosystem concerning paints in Greece. At the same time we aim at the continuous expansion of activities by innovative and ecological products, both in Greece and abroad.

BERLING has a passion for colour and that is why we have been able to supply the Greek market with high quality products for over 30 years, because as we have been saying since long time ... Colour has a Name!